Renae Jensen




Many people that know me will tell you that I am a woman of passion, believing that we can create a world that is healthy, joyful and harmonious.
As a child, I connected to music and poetry, horses and art. Of course, life is a true teacher, and my journey has been interlaced with both tragedy and

Gratitude is due to my family as they have watched me spend countless hours doing fundraising for the Native people, Habitat for Humanity, Living Enrichment showcases for children, and months of work to develop the Conscious Design Teachings, programs and the Institute.

One of the greatest gifts that I have unfolded for myself is the healing power of our environment, homes, buildings, schools,. This revelation has been my focus for over 18 years as I have developed my skill as a "house doctor", feng shui expert, and space clearing consultant.

I want to share this gift with others, and I do this through teaching,private consultations,television and radio shows, conferences, and my own Conscious Design Foundation and Magazine. I am passionate about sponsoring and presenting the wisdom of many international renowned teachers to an eager audience. I love to teach and unfold the "messages" of the home to facilitate healing and balance. I have seen true miracles, and I am humbled by this incredible work.

So I invite you to connect to me through the beautiful energetic weave of the internet. My DesignHarmony site is my personal consultation site where my clients utilize my services for feng shui, real estate staging, commercial buildings, and blessings. Conscious Design offers you an insight into the true weave of healthy space, so please sign up for the fun and informative
Conscious Design Magazine and learn more.

We often work so hard to heal ourselves, - body-mind-spirit, that we forget that our spaces also need to be rebalanced to create a healthy matrix. A healthy home will hold the new "healthy you".

Peace and Prosperity,


Renae Jensen, FSII
908 797-5225